Saturday, July 10, 2010

6 月: 父亲节~ 芒果蛋糕 (Mango Cake); 香蕉杯子蛋糕 (Banana Cupcakes)

6 月

今年本来想做个没有奶油的蛋糕- 紫薯蛋糕 (在别人的部落格里见到的,紫紫的天然颜色真的很美~) 可惜去到巴刹却没有紫薯。。。黄薯,白薯,马铃薯就有很多 =.="




家里种的香蕉又熟了~ 好久没吃香蕉蛋糕了。。。这次就做香蕉杯子蛋糕吧!

5月: Dragon Boat Festival- 包粽子咯!

妈一早就准备好包粽子的材料: 栗子,糯米,香菇,花肉,蚝豉,糖冬瓜。。。



(只是我的双手被草绳和粽叶的茎弄得伤 痕累累。。。)

对了。。。现在才发觉忘了拍下打开粽叶后的粽子 =.=
算了,下次吧 =P

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day Special~ Oreo Steamed Baked Cheese Cake

Mother's day~
Without the helping hand of my mum, i'll not be able to bake this cake  =p (im not yet qualified to bake one on my own); 
but im good at taking the photos of my masterpiece~ (i dont dare to put up the whole picture of the cake because it was quite...erm....not pretty- in fact it was quite ugly, it 'Bloomed' like a volcano ~ possibly due to over-sized eggs which caused the mixture also 'over-sized'. )
so i cut it into pieces to make my pictures look nicer~

250g Cream Cheese
4 tablespoon Fresh Milk
70g  Butter

5 Egg Yolks
1 Tablespoon of grind Lemon-skin

40g Superfine Flour
40g Corn Flour

5 Egg White
120g Sugar

Biscuit Base:
2 packet of Oreo biscuits
90g Melted Butter

1. Take out the white cream and crash only the Oreo biscuits.
2. Mix well with melted butter and press the oreo biscuit into a non-stick adjustable mould.
3. Cover the base of the mould with aluminum foil. Refrigerate before use.
4. Heat up A with small fire in a pot until smooth without boiling it.
5. Then add in B+C; set aside for later use.
6. Beat D until fluffy.

7. Fill up a baking trey with water and heat up the oven for later use.
8. Mix a portion from D to the mixture as in step 5 ; then only pour the mixture into the remaining of D and mix well gently. 
9. Pour the mixture into the biscuit base.
10. Steam bake for 60 to 75 mins at 160ºC.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Feb event photos~

Events during Feb。。。
 Gift day~

Gift Wrapping specially for my colleagues and friends- on my birthday~ ^ ^
Actually that day i planned to bake some cupcakes for my colleagues, but when im about to start, i realised that my fridge was out of BUTTER !! Im a bit frustrated that time.... i kinda blame my mum for not stock up the butter.....(sorry mum....actually i felt very guilty > <) 
Then i decided to just pack some cookies i made...but it was kinda hard coz i couldn't figured how to pack it properly inside the plastic bag i bought....

Finally at ard 10.30 pm that night, i managed to find a way to pack it. I took about 90 mins to accomplish this task. My dad said if i was in the production area, sooner or later the business sure 'Jap-Lap' (ended).

i took a yogurt cover to serve as a plate; then the green teabag as the base of the packaging
Ta-daa~ looks cute huh~  

20 packets of cookies ready to win my friends' heart~

Next chapter: My Birthday Cake ~

Get ready to hv fun~ Just like Play Dough ^^

Assorted colours to make sugar paste

a very 'cacat'-look teddy bear....  
'Pai-seh' la...

these are easy~ lol


Thx sis for taking this picture for me... not too bad

~Home Made Cookies~

Finally i hv the free time to fix my photos~~ Chinese New Year Project: "Home Made Cookies~"

~Jam Tarts~
Homemade Pineapple jam vs Jam bought fm bakery shop (darker colour in packet)

Version 1: Cute Little Porcupines

Version 2: Sunny Side Up
Version 3: Rolling Jam
(easiest version of Pineapple Jam Tart)


~Hearty-Mix Nuts~

One of my fav cookies


Made from Horlicks, Coco-crunch, Choco-chips, Choco-rice


~Little Panda~
These pandas took me almost 3 hrs to "cut & paste" their faces....
(no more panda cookies for next yr @@)